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Back Pain


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At some stage in life, virtually everyone experiences back pain, regardless of its intensity. Living a life free from pain is always preferable, regardless of the severity of the discomfort in your back. In certain cases, the back pain can become excruciating, significantly impacting one’s daily activities. This article aims to shed light on the root causes of lower back pain and the methods employed by chiropractors to restore strength and health to your back.


Common Back Pain Symptoms

When discussing the back, we are talking about a vast area of the human body comprising numerous tendons, muscles, bones, and discs. Having a comprehensive knowledge of these anatomical components, coupled with experience, facilitates the identification of the source of pain. Below are some symptoms of common conditions, along with the ways chiropractic care can bring you benefits. If you are experiencing back pain, we strongly recommend visiting our office to receive care and an accurate diagnosis from our experienced professionals.

Disc Bulges & Herniation

A disc bulge or herniation occurs when the outer edges of the discs positioned between the vertebrae sustain damage, causing a gelatin-like mass to protrude and create a bulge. Despite being more common than widely believed, this painful condition can sometimes remain unnoticed, as certain patients may not experience any discomfort. The level of pain experienced depends on the size and location of the herniation within the back. The damaged disc can potentially irritate nearby nerves, leading to sensations of stabbing or shooting pain and even issues in the legs.

Early detection of this condition is crucial, as there is a risk of further damage if left untreated. At Align Health and Spine, we conduct a thorough examination of your back to assess the severity of your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan aimed at halting the potential worsening effects of a herniation and alleviating associated pain.


Subluxation refers to a misalignment occurring within the vertebral column. This misalignment can be caused by factors such as stress, injury, and exposure to toxins. Subluxations can be highly painful and have the capacity to significantly impact an individual’s lifestyle and daily movements. Despite being one of the most commonly overlooked causes of back pain, chiropractors are trained in employing specific and effective methods, along with adjustment techniques, to accurately locate and correct these misalignments.

Muscular & Tendon Strains & Ligament Sprains

A strain or sprain typically arises when engaging in tasks or activities that our bodies are unaccustomed to. Accidents can also lead to this condition. The back is especially vulnerable to strains or sprains, often caused by overstretching or attempting to lift while twisting. When this happens, individuals may experience significant pain, swelling, and bruising. The positive aspect is that these strains and sprains generally heal on their own with a simple realignment of the spine, and in most cases, seeking chiropractic care is an appropriate treatment for this condition.

Stress & Back Pain

Persistent stress can cause significant harm to the human body, contributing to back pain and even hypertension. Stress hormones released during periods of stress can lead to tension and muscle spasms, which manifest as back pain. These tense areas are commonly referred to as trigger points. Addressing these trigger points requires professional assistance, as they can generate intense pain. Chiropractors are specifically trained to work with these trigger points and can develop a personalized approach to alleviate the pain and reduce stress, aiming to prevent its recurrence.

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