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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Targeting the Root Causes of Neck Pain

Whether it stems from exercise strain or a kink after a long workday, neck pain is a prevalent issue. Lingering neck pain can make even basic movements excruciating, and it often leads to headaches that significantly impact one’s quality of life. Sufferers of neck pain tend to avoid using the affected muscles, which can eventually lead to muscle degeneration over time, exacerbating the problem further.


Causes for Neck Pain

Trauma, such as whiplash

Awkward Sleeping position

Poor posture

Joint issues

Repetitive stress

Muscle strains and pulls

The primary cause of neck pain is often related to the alignment of the spine. During periods of neck pain, muscles may experience spasms, which exert tension on the spine, leading to pain and further misalignment. Manipulation of the spine can result in irritation of the nerves in the spinal cord, affecting various systems throughout the body. Consequently, neck pain can have serious implications, causing issues in other essential bodily functions.

Many people tend to disregard neck pain, assuming it will eventually go away without consequences. While sometimes the pain may subside, the lingering effects on the spine can lead to future problems. Without proper treatment, the pain may recur over time, making certain movements nearly impossible. In severe cases, patients may delay seeking help to the point where surgical intervention becomes necessary to rectify the issue.

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